Made by God

The Made by God Christian sex ed booklet is a simple way to teach young children the truth about creation, about their own bodies, and about how babies are made. It’s important for children to know that God created people, that our bodies are good, that God designed marriage, and that sex is how babies are made. It is imperative for parents to tell children the truth about sex before they hear a corrupted version somewhere else.

Some people may think that age six is too young to teach children anything about sex. But public school starts its sex ed curriculum at that point. Also, children are exposed to sexual ideas and images at a very young age in our culture. It has been that way for some time and it’s only getting worse. When I was in Grade Two, a classmate wanted to show me a pornography magazine on the way home from school. My husband was exposed to exhibitionism (by an adult woman) at a friend’s house and to pornography while playing outside near his home when he was in Grade Two. In Grade Three, he was exposed to sex toys while at friend’s house. If we, as parents, don’t prepare our children for this world, they will be vulnerable. The best way to protect children from wrong views of sexuality and from becoming sexualized too early is to teach them about sex before someone else does.

As an aside, I never told my parents about the pornography. When my husband told his parents about the adult exposing herself to him, they didn’t believe him. It’s important to foster a relationship with your children where it’s okay for them to tell you things. And, if your child ever tells you something about someone showing them pornography or about any form of sexual abuse, it is imperative that you believe them, affirm them and take action to protect them.

The Made by God Christian sex ed booklet has been written for children age six and up. If you’ve never talked about sex to your child before, it would be a good idea to give them this booklet first – unless they’re already a teenager. In that case, you should explain the concepts from the Made by God booklet to them, using more sophisticated language, before giving them the next booklets in the series.

Free Christian Sex Ed Resources:

*** Note For Parents About Technology ***

Pornography is easier to access than ever before. A child, with an uncontrolled and unmonitored device, will view pornography online sooner or later. To protect children from exposure to pornography, computers should be kept in family rooms and Internet use should be supervised by parents. Tablets and iPods should have Internet browsing disabled or should be kept out of bedrooms. Apps can be installed to limit what can be viewed on a computer or other device. Learn more about keeping children safe while using technology (coming soon).

Author Celesta Thiessen has developed these free Christian sex ed resources for parents to print and use at no cost. These free Christian sex ed booklets are not to be reposted online elsewhere or used in any way for commercial gain.