In our hyper-sexual cultural, it is very important that Christian girls and boys get accurate but God-centered information about their bodies and about sex. Some Christian parents don’t feel comfortable talking to their children about sex. If parents don’t address this subject, the children’s only information about sex will come from peers and from public school.

The public school system has been teaching more and more radical views of sexuality. For instance, children in Grades 4-7 (ages 9-12) are taught about masturbation, gender identity (transgender, etc.) and sexual orientation (straight, gay/lesbian, bisexual and asexual – “What’s important to know is that all people can have healthy relationships and happy fulfilling lives, no matter what their sexual orientation is.”).

As Christians, we believe that the Biblical model of a marriage relationship, between one man and one woman, is the only healthy and truly fulfilling type of sexual relationship. If we want our children to grow up with our values and our understanding of sexuality, it is important that we teach them specifically or they will learn something else entirely.

This set of free Christian sex ed booklets will teach youngsters about their bodies and about sex from a Biblical worldview. Ideally, a parent would go over this information with their children and answer any questions they have. This is especially important for the “Made by God” booklet as most children at age six cannot read well yet.

It is important for parents to tell their children that they shouldn’t chat or joke about this information with their friends. Also, it would be a good idea to collect the booklet once a child has had a chance to read it over. It’s important that children don’t take these booklets out of the home to show to other children.

Free Christian Sex Ed Resources:

  • Made by God – for 6 year old boys and girls
  • Puberty for Girls – for 9 – 10 year old girls (coming soon)
  • Puberty for Boys – for 10 – 11 year old boys (coming soon)
  • Purity While Dating for Girls (coming soon)
  • Purity While Dating for Guys (coming soon)
  • Pre-marriage for Women (coming soon)
  • Pre-marriage for Men (coming soon)

*** Note For Parents About Technology ***

Pornography is easier to access than ever before. A child, with an uncontrolled and unmonitored device, will view pornography online sooner or later. To protect children from exposure to pornography, computers should be kept in family rooms and Internet use should be supervised by parents. Tablets and iPods should have Internet browsing disabled or should be kept out of bedrooms. Apps can be installed to limit what can be viewed on a computer or other device. Learn more about keeping children safe while using technology (coming soon).

Author Celesta Thiessen has developed these free Christian sex ed resources for parents to print and use at no cost. These free Christian sex ed booklets are not to be uploaded online elsewhere or used in any way for commercial gain.